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It’s that PUMPKIN time of year!


My friend Timothy Donoghue’s 2016 crop!

Pumpkin Magic! According to Tim Donoghue, there’s nothing magic about it! 

Tim loves Jack-o-Lanterns and has been growing pumpkins all his life. His tips for pumpkin growers: “One of the beauties of pumpkin planting is that it is almost COMPLETELY foolproof. Once in a while some seeds won’t sprout (which is why you put four to five seeds in a hole and then thin out to just one), but, otherwise, they like water, and if you are growing them for “show” you don’t have to worry about the taste (too much water makes them tasteless) and you can water them as much as you like.” Tim adds that they are completely invasive and will eventually take over your garden, if you aren’t careful, so it’s best to put them at the end of the garden and give them PLENTY of room to spread. “Pumpkins will grow up and over and under fences, which is wonderful, I think.”




We think pumpkins are pretty wonderful no matter where they grow and whatever they look like!

Do you have an amazing pumpkin to share? Or a Jack-o-Lantern that deserves to be seen? Send us your photos and a short description via http://www.pumpkin-time.com/activities/submit/

Timothy Donoghue is an artist and performed in the West End and at the Royal National Theatre in London, and at the Trinity Repertory Theatre in Providence, RI, for many years. When not gardening or in his art studio, Tim is writing a middle-grade novel at home in the Alpes of Haute Provence in France.